Blacklist Clothing is a Filipino-Canadian owned clothing brand, dedicated to creating urban streetwear and minimalistic athletic clothing in unisex style options with inclusive sizing. The brand was founded in October 2020 in Banff, Canada by JM Combalicer

Blacklist Clothing launched their first line of street wear in Manila, Philippines in November 2020. We offer a variety of clothing pieces for everyday street culture comfort and active wear. While many of the products accentuate the idea behind the brand, we strive to bring more simplistic ideas made with quality materials, to the line.

Blacklist holds that idea that you’re limited and exiled out of existence from something. The idea behind the clothing was that you don’t need to be a certain size, need to look a certain way to be comfortable or fit into a certain “status” to be able to afford things of a certain quality. It’s more ironic.